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Start-Up Team

George York is the founder and CEO and of Yoha Technology Co. Ltd. His talents comprise of many years experience with all facets in the design, research and development, manufacturing and the operation with his prior involvement of a technology based company. With the combined merger of that company into YoHa Technologies, and his expertise and credentials in professional, educational, technical trades, IEEE call for papers, and technical publications; Mr.York soon to be developed the first product of The Living Legends™ series.

Mr. York's extraordinary accomplishments are the development of special tooling applications, unique overseas production processes, engineering, and the design applications of past projects have enabled Mr. York's abilities to oversee this new company venture. Mr. York's duties will oversee the conceptual design, day-to-day management and operation, process manufacturing, and Research and Development activities.

Mr. York also has a network of professionals in a wide range of skilled trades and businesses, and has recommended numerous people with expertise in fields directly related to the development of other related products. With this combined team effort YoHa Technology Co. Ltd will bring many new and innovative products to the market.

Kenneth Chin is the Director of Sales and Marketing. He has 20-years experience in the semiconductor field with experience in the technical sales, including mechanical and technical servicing of semiconductor equipment. His expertise is also in mechanical design and automated manufacturing techniques.

James Lim is our CFO. Mr. Lim a CPA accountant with his firm in Hong Kong. Mr.Lim is acting in the capacity as tax council and tax law, with emphasis on international trade regarding offshore manufacturing. Mr. Lim investment team will assist YoHa's financial development strategies.

Melvin Demoff is acting in the capacity of our corporate legal council. Mr.Demoff is an attorney with extensive experience with contracts and business law. Mr. Demoff will address legal issues and contracts with clients and associated buyers.

Norbet Pasillas is a prototype developer who has extensive 30 years fabrication experience from Disney and Hughes aircraft division as well as various other major companies. Mr. Pasillas will serve as a key player in the development of Prototypes and assembly units for small replication and ergonomic design. This will include short term tooling implementation and fabrication.

Some sales will be done by at least two independent marketing representatives. One will be on the West Coast stationed in California and other east will be in New Jersey. Specific individuals are being considered, but as of this writing, nothing has been finalized.

Board of Advisors

To assist Mr. York in making strategic decisions, as well as providing counsel on the timing of bringing in other management level personnel, a Board of Advisors with great depth and experience has been chosen. In the beginning, members of the Board of Advisors will serve in that capacity on a voluntary basis. Others who will either serve on the start-up team, or serve YoHa in a professional capacity will be compensated appropriately. Members of the Board of Advisors receive both financial and production reports, and will meet individually and as a group with Mr. York. Members of The Board of Advisors and their backgrounds are listed below:

Eric Baumeister expertise is in various production and service positions, and demonstrated an outstanding capacity for superior acquisition of sources to meet required deadlines. Mr. Baumeister will work as a production team leader evaluating work processes from an operator's standpoint and determining productivity rates. His major expertise is in management planning and logistic direction of production of product is the manufacturing area. Mr. Baumeister may stay with the company beyond the initial start-up phase.

Rosemary Wang is a CPA Accountant and principal partner in an established CPA firm in the Silicon Valley. She will act in the capacity as tax council in US business tax laws, and Tax consultant within the scope of US trade with emphasis of import/export.

Shaw Lin is an international businessman with his own consulting firm. A PhD with extensive background in start-up companies. Mr Lin will act in the capacity as a business consultant. Mr.Lin's expertise is running companies with overseas manufacturing with domestic clientele. He will add strong advice for the company.